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A Miami based full service pest Control Company servicing South Florida. Pest Doctor services include General House hold pest control, Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control, With Fertilization to give you a rich green pest free landscape. Our Termite Division will get rid of any termite problem, offing tenting or tent less spot treatment as well as subterranean termites services. We also offer written termite inspection for a home loans or any other purpose. Adding square footage to your home or constructing from scratch, county inspectors will require a pre-soil termite treatment. Pest Doctor will give you all the right service and documents to pass inspection.

We are a Mist-Away Authorized dealer in South Florida. The Mist- Away Mosquito misting system is a computerized system that is permanently installed on your property that sprays botanical insecticide killing mosquitos and no-see-ums all day long. So that you can enjoy your yard pest free.

Are bee’s buzzing you crazy? Bee’s are a gift to our earth when there in there habitat, but can be dangers to humans that are allergic. Most of the time bees cannot be sprayed and left to die out. Beehives must be removed for guaranteed results. We specialize in bee removal services, fully extracting the entire honeycomb.     

Have Possums Recons or any other rodent that need to be removed. We offer animal trapping services as well as vermin letters for county demo permits.

We are not just the best at getting rid of roaches, rat, spiders, and all other insects and rodents. We are your full service specialize pest control company that stop all creatures from invading your domain, with our professional team of trained and certified pest control specialists. We are certified by the State of Florida - Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control. Pest Doctor is also an active member of the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida (CPCO).

We realize that not all pest problems are the same this is why our Pest Experts are here to consult with you a plan that eliminates your pest problem for good. We Guarantee it!
Call us today for your free pest control service consultation and immediate service quote!

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