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Termite Control & Tenting Services in Miami and South Florida

Ever thought that you may have termites? You may already have them and not even know it. That’s because termites live in areas that you cannot see. Termites cost homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars in repairs if not treated properly. Our team takes caution in performing an inspection throughout the property location to ensure that there is a confirmed infestation of termites. Signs of termites include:

- Discarded wings found in windowsills, in and around light fixtures, attic, or even throughout the property.

- Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.

- Live, swarming or flying termites in your home.

Pest Doctor offers services in Termite Control, Termite Tenting, Liquid Treatments, Tentless Treatments, and more. If your home or business is troubled by termites, give us a call today for your FREE termite estimate.

Contact us for a FREE inspection and estimate today at 305.397.8361 or Info@pestdoctorinc.com

Pest Doctor provides Miami-Dade, Miami Beach and the rest of South Florida with Termite Control Services. You can check out other pest control services such as residential and commercial Termite control.