Bee Removal

See bees flying around but don’t know where they are coming from? See a bee hive but don’t know what to do with it? Most people will try to get rid of the bees with pesticides and sprays, but that won't help; in fact, it can make the bees angry and cause them to become aggressive!

Pest Doctor can help you with thorough bee hive removal. Our pest control technicians will assess the property and look for any nests in the area. Once the hive is located, our target is to extract the entire bee hive including the honey comb. Whether it’s an internal hive or an external hive,

our pest control technicians will help solve your bee problem. Once the hive has been fully extracted, it is important to seal up the cavity to prevent future hives from being built. 

We offer bee removal services for both residences and businesses. We make sure that you're protected against every type of bee including bumble bees, honey bees, ground bees, wasps, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, and hornets. Our bee extermination services cover:

  • Bees in nests or hives 

  • Bees in walls

  • Bees in the ground 

  • Bees on trees

  • Custom cases

Don't put yourself at risk of getting stung by trying to spray the hive to make them go away, contact Pest Doctor for professional bee hive removal in Miami and South Florida! We will do the job right, so you won't have to worry about a thing!

Pest Doctor provides Miami-Dade, Miami Beach and the rest of South Florida with Bee Pest Control Services. You can check out other residential and commerial pest control services here

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