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Rodent Control

Rodent Control in Miami - Learn more about Rodent Control & Trapping 

Providing rodent control and rodent removal services in the South Florida area.Rodents are amongst the most successful animals on earth! They adapt to any environment, and are able to colonize themselves in an area. Rodents even have patterns that help them avoid danger. The Miami pest control technicians of Pest Doctor can help you have a rodent free environment. The best method of treatment is using “Integrated Pest Management Strategies” or IPM. 

There are 5 aspects that Pest Doctor would be addressing: - Inspect/Monitor - Exclusion - Sanitation - Non-Chemical Tools - Rodenticide. Rodents can  actually transmit over 35 diseases. The most common are as follows: Bubonic Plague, Rickettsial Disease, Scrub Typus, Rickettsialpox, Weil’s Disease, Sodoku Disease, Food Poisoning, and Rabies. Rats live year-round in the same alleyway, building, attic, and basement and these populations only diminish when rodent control is assessed. As a Pest Control Company in South Florida, Pest Doctor, offers a rodent control program that will reduce and eliminate rodents in and around your location. Did you know that rats can produce about 40 -100 fecal pellets daily? They can also get into the smallest entry ways possible. Rodents can also cause property damage and urine stains. THREE MOST COMMON RODENTS FOUND IN MIAMI: Black Rat (Roof Rat) Norway Rat ( Urban Rat) House Mouse (Small Rat). Pest Doctor Rodent Control Program facilitates the stress of dealing with rodents, providing the best rodent control solution in Miami, FL. We want to make sure that pest control in Miami, FL is one less thing you have to worry about!

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